Best Friends

When I go to school me and my friend always bring are dogs, Laika and Crackers . They are best friend and always sit on the side together in class. When me and my friend are doing maths they’re on the side trying to work out 4 x 6 on Crackers maths paper. And when we’re doing English , they’re on the side trying to think of a good sentence for their story. And when I’m trying to remember what we did last week on the stoneage, they’re on the side talking about bones and treats. And when my friend comes for sleepovers they’re up all night and they’re snoring in the morning!

My story

Everybody, well most people, know who Laika is .Laika is the first dog in space for those of you that don’t know. Well to start the story of:

Once there was a dog called Laika she flew up in a rocket into space . Then she landed on the moon and had a baby . Well that baby, no puppy ,I believe is my dog Laika because it fell down from the moon into the museum were I went with my Mummy and Daddy when I was little. Then I came and got her and she’s here with me now!